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LED Lighting & Control Systems

U.S. Power Vision’s holistic approach to industrial energy management - with a very specialized lean into LED lighting and control systems - improves operating efficiencies by providing cutting-edge technologies that increase control, foster simplicity, and generate the certainty of an exceptional return on investment.

Given that lighting can account for

Given that lighting can account for 25 percent of a industrial building’s energy use, it’s typically the first technology targeted for energy efficiency upgrades.

With the emergence of today’s generation of LED lighting systems, building owners and operators now have available affordable solutions with extremely short simple paybacks – always inside of 3 years and frequently under 2 years. And building occupants appreciate the higher-quality, broad-spectrum illumination provided by LED.

Our intelligent wireless lighting control systems take the place of what would otherwise be physical control panels and miles of dedicated control wiring.

Occupancy and daylight sensors and cloud-based applications allow Facility Managers to set automated lighting control strategies — from scheduling and occupancy control to daylighting, demand response, task tuning, and more — from any phone, tablet, laptop, or PC – wirelessly controlling individual fixtures, zones, a whole building, or an entire enterprise. The result is the most powerful and cost-effective energy management solution available today.

Our intelligent wireless lighting control systems take...
Proud to be a GE Value-Added Reseller

Proud to be a GE Value-Added Reseller

As one of a handful of Energy Services Companies in the country able to buy GE fixtures and controls directly from the manufacturer, we eliminate what would otherwise be ‘middlemen’ (and their markups) then pass those savings on to our clients.

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