U.S. Power Vision, LLC

Who We Are

We are an Energy Services Company, that Keeps Itself and its Clients at the Cutting Edge of Industrial Technologies, all Aimed at Providing Exceptional LED Illumination and Superb Control


To design, build, deploy and manage a suite of the most productive and admired lighting performance technologies on earth.


To bend our clients’ energy cost curve, by combining superb lighting systems with a world class fulfillment network and suite of digital tools.


To engage and assist the marketplace as developers of outstanding lighting-oriented content, platforms, and reach.

Program and Project Development


System Deployment and Commissioning


Funding and Subsidy Management


Warranty Administration


Our Value Additions

Our involvement typically results in a set of energy conservation and efficiency strategies, which includes a diagnosis of your environmental and financial situation, a guiding policy on what your organization intends to accomplish, and key initiatives or action plans for achieving your desired outcomes.

Program and Project Development

From the outset, we assist with your budgeting process by addressing your development costs with an eye toward relevance. We create and definitively answer questions about how your projects can be aggregated to reach scalable levels of investment and execution, while we prioritize energy efficiency initiatives that will meet and exceed your corporate hurdle rates.

System Deployment and Commissioning

Once you deploy your new or retrofitted systems, you will personally no longer have to manage them. At your option, we will continue to provide system monitoring ensuring optimal performance, just as you should expect from any of your building systems. 

Funding and Subsidy Management

You lessen the cost of your energy programs as we foster investment vehicles that feed and grow your pool of conservation and efficiency initiatives—including utility cash rebates, third-party funding, on-bill financing, and tax credits. You no longer have to monitor or track their availability, since we do the work and report back to you as capital and  potential  ‘deals’  become available.


We are the touch point for any and all warranty needs relating to equipment installed by our contracting network or provided by us. By placing a single call to us, you, the building manager is then freed from any further administration, as we manage the warranty process from manufacturer to installing contractor.