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Every Thoughtful Controls Strategy Results in Less kWh Consumption

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There are two ways to lessen the kWh consumption of your lighting system: 1. install higher efficacy LED fixtures, and 2. include a control system. One (new fixtures) involves a smaller kW draw than your existing system, and the other (controls) results in less time the new fixture will be ‘on’ as compared to a fixture without control, and under what conditions. There is a third option, that being to install LED tubes into your existing fixtures, but we don’t recommend this approach, given the inefficiency of the old fluorescent fixtures you’d install them into.

Efficacy is the amount of work the lighting fixture provides, in the form of lumen output, divided by its input wattage. For more on this, see Efficiency vs Efficacy: What’s the Difference?.

Lighting controls are separate and apart from the fixture, although frequently embedded. They’re designed to control the amount of light emitted from a fixture, or when and for how long, or under what conditions. They exist to give the Facility Manager control at his/her fingertips, over five different functions:

The Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy division of the U.S. DOE has put out a great paper on occupancy sensor control, in particular, and you can find it here: Wireless Occupancy Sensors for Lighting Controls.

U.S. Power is an industrial energy services company that specializes in the reduction of energy consumption across a broad array of manufacturing and food processing facilities located in Michigan, Ohio, Indiana, Illinois and Wisconsin. In addition, the company publishes a useful curation of lighting-oriented information from the marketplace, and consolidates it into this concise, twice per month letter known as The Fabulous Lighting Maven, distributed to Facilities Managers throughout the nation.

While the company prides itself in its diversity, it owns and operates a niche lighting contracting firm as well, known as U.S. Power Vision, LLC. With a core business in and around industrial LED lighting, it keeps itself and its clients at the cutting edge of illuminating technologies, all aimed at providing – from the eyes to the fingertips – exceptional illumination, superb control and intuitive simplicity.

The Maven publishes these pearls weekly, or more frequently if we feel like it, because we believe America is already great, and poised to be even greater if we commit to doing our part towards cooling the planet. Publisher Ron Motsch can be reached at (616) 570-9319.

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