U.S. Power Vision, LLC

See your energy savings in a new light.

U.S. Power Vision reduces energy consumption – and drives up return on investment – for manufacturers and food processors in Michigan, Ohio, Indiana, Illinois, and Wisconsin.

Be in control, simplify your life, and provide certainty in the outcomes generated from LED lighting systems.

U.S. Power Vision assists manufacturers and food processors reduce their energy costs by designing, installing, and managing LED lighting and controls systems, always achieving Simple Paybacks of less than 3 years, and frequently as quickly as 2 years. As an industry leader, U.S. Power’s vast array of products and services, including a variety of funding mechanisms, minimizes out-of-pocket cash requirements, facilitating those returns.

We build, deploy and manage a suite of the most productive and admired building performance technologies on earth.

And as a result, you get:

  • The impact of reductions in energy consumption, bending the cost curve
  • The enhancement of your corporate image and standing in the marketplace
  • The effect of reductions in carbon emissions, thereby restoring and preserving the health of the planet
  • The fostering of improved health and well-being of people

Value to Facilities Managers is not only predictable, but certain, resulting from:

  • Increased control of light scheduling, output, dimming, delays, occupancy sensing, and daylight harvesting.
  • You can set and forget, or turn the dials as much as you want. It could not be easier to obtain the desired result.
  • Tell your CFO exactly what the Return on Investment will be before buying the system, then generate a return that exceeds what you told her/him.

We're building a connected ecosystem, and would like you to be a part of it…

…as our lighting and control systems:

  • Are intentional, programmed for employee-centric Illumination.
  • Represent improved Illumination, fostering productivity and lessening fatigue.
  • Include reporting systems that are timely, actionable, and results-oriented. Maintenance needs go away.
  • We stay with you ‘turnkey’ and beyond, from Feasibility Study through Continuous Commissioning, and are your single point of contact for the life of the system.

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