U.S. Power Vision, LLC

US Power Vision is your Michigan, Ohio, Indiana, Illinois and Wisconsin LED Lighting Designer

US Power Vision is an LED lighting designer in Michigan. We provide our customers with comprehensive lighting system development which includes: Data gathering, Feasibility Studies, Design Development, Schematic Design, Funding & Administration, Procurement & Construction, and Continuous Commissioning.

Our State-of-the-Art lighting technologies combined with our seasoned expertise ensures performance certainty in the following areas:

Illumination: Best-In-Class Lighting Fixtures and Control Systems, Built to Enhance Employee Wellbeing

Operations: Dramatically Reduced Maintenance, Over Years of Life for Both LED Fixtures and Controls

Efficiency: Data-Driven, with Timely, Actionable and Results-Oriented Actions and Reports

Savings: Cost Efficient, Our Direct Relationships with Manufacturers Become Significant Dollar Savings

Ongoing Management: Turnkey, from Feasibility Studies through Commissioning and Beyond

Lighting can account for 25% of an industrial building’s energy use, so it’s typically the first target when it comes to energy efficiency upgrades. Modern LED Industrial Lighting systems are affordable, with extremely short paybacks – always inside of 3 years and frequently under 2 years. And building occupants appreciate the higher-quality, broad-spectrum illumination provided by LED.

Our solutions allow Facility Managers to set automated lighting control strategies — offering on demand control for occupancy, daylight sensing, task tuning, and more, from any phone, tablet, laptop, or PC. Wirelessly control individual fixtures, zones, a whole building, or an entire enterprise. The result is the most powerful and cost-effective energy management solution available today.