U.S. Power Vision, LLC

Continuous Commissioning

Optimal operational parameters are developed based on actual building conditions and current occupancy requirements.  From there, an integrated approach is used to implement these settings to maximize system functionality, and continuously improve operational performance.

Lights can be scheduled to come on and shut off at particular times, eliminating the need for an employee to flip a switch as he or she leaves the building

High-end Trimming
You don’t have to utilize the entire output of the fixture above you. Dim it down to a level more comfortable for you, and drive what would otherwise be wasted energy to your bottom line.

Occupancy Sensing
Set each fixture to behave exactly the way you want, turning on when someone enters its lighting zone; or shutting off when that someone leaves.

Daylight Harvesting
Why illuminate an area already being graced by the sun? Save money by harvesting this sunlight, allowing the sensors to dim down or shut off fixtures smart enough to measure that sunlight.

Measurement & Verification

Measurement & Verification
Ensure your cap-ex investments are reaping the rewards you’ve planned, by capturing old consumption metrics in comparison to new consumption. Simply turn the dials on the controls until you are achieving your return on investment objectives.

Partnership Options

Partnership Options
Let’s perfectly align our objectives, and move forward together hand in glove, as strategic partners committed to improving your lighting system and reducing its energy consumption. Ask us about our developing buying group, consisting of a consortium of industrial and commercial members just like you.