U.S. Power Vision, LLC

Seek a Lighting Control Contractor in Michigan, Ohio, Indiana, Illinois and Wisconsin

US Power Vision can be your go-to lighting control contractor in Michigan, Ohio, Indiana, Illinois and Wisconsin. We provide our customers with comprehensive lighting system development which includes: Data gathering, Feasibility Studies, Design Development, Schematic Design, Funding & Administration, Procurement & Construction, and Continuous Commissioning.

Our State-of-the-Art lighting technologies combined with our seasoned expertise ensures performance certainty in the following areas:

Illumination: Best-In-Class Lighting Fixtures and Control Systems, Built to Enhance Employee Wellbeing

Operations: Dramatically Reduced Maintenance, Over Years of Life for Both LED Fixtures and Controls

Efficiency: Data-Driven, with Timely, Actionable and Results-Oriented Actions and Reports

Savings: Cost Efficient, Our Direct Relationships with Manufacturers Become Significant Dollar Savings

Ongoing Management: Turnkey, from Feasibility Studies through Commissioning and Beyond

Lighting can account for 25% of an industrial building’s energy use, so it’s typically the first target when it comes to energy efficiency upgrades. Modern LED Industrial Lighting systems are affordable, with extremely short paybacks – always inside of 3 years and frequently under 2 years. And building occupants appreciate the higher-quality, broad-spectrum illumination provided by LED.

Our solutions allow Facility Managers to set automated lighting control strategies — offering on demand control for occupancy, daylight sensing, task tuning, and more, from any phone, tablet, laptop, or PC. Wirelessly control individual fixtures, zones, a whole building, or an entire enterprise. The result is the most powerful and cost-effective energy management solution available today.